What’s the first thing you think of when you think about the Green Hills neighborhood? Most people come here for the shopping, but don’t forget about the many restaurants Green Hills Nashville, TN offers to visitors. When you’re ready for a break from the long lines and high prices in downtown, check out one of these delicious eateries in Green Hills!

Whether you’re a big fan of foodie accounts or you secretly judge people who post pics of their food, you’re going to feel an urge to open your camera app at Etc Restaurant. Brunch is the best meal to eat/photograph at this Green Hills eatery, thanks to menu options like squash waffles, pork belly biscuits, and spicy chicken eggs benedict.

Etc Restaurant has an upscale vibe, and it’s rarely as crowded as some of the other popular brunch hotspots in town. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to enjoy brunch with a friend or your parents, Etc Restaurant is the spot.

Of all the restaurants Green Hills Nashville, TN has to offer, this might be the most quirky. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Firefly Grille is the crazy decor. It kind of feels like you’re walking into your eccentric grandma’s house, if your grandma also served some of the best food in Nashville.

This city isn’t known for its seafood, but Firefly Grille serves a delicious seafood salad with shrimp, crab, and salmon. We’ve also heard good things about the duck, which is served on a bed of potato puree, honey-glazed broccoli, and wild rice. No matter what you order, you’ll never run out of conversation topics thanks to the fun, festive atmosphere inside Firefly Grille.

Here we have one of the better fast-casual restaurants Green Hills Nashville, TN has to offer. Next time you’re looking for a quick lunch, skip the chains and try this local favorite. Food Company specializes in soups and sandwiches, but they also serve salads, casseroles, and a well-reviewed fruit tea punch.

If you’re vegetarian or you find yourself grabbing lunch with someone who is, bring them to Food Company for the veggie sandwich. Unlike most vegetarian sandwiches, this one is chock full of ingredients including cucumber, avocados, cheese, sprouts, and plenty more.

If you know The Bluebird Cafe at all, it’s probably because you heard that this is the music venue where Taylor Swift was discovered. She played here as a teenager, just like many other country music stars who went on to do great things. Although The Bluebird Cafe is known more for its musical acts than its cuisine, we can confidently recommend the BLT, the chicken fingers, and the chicken salad club.

If you decide to go, try to get there early around 3:30 or 4:00 on the day of the show. You’ll have to stand in line to get tickets, and the line can get long fast. People who miss out on early tickets can come back later around 6:30 to try and score some of the open seating options. This is an intimate venue with extremely limited seating, so make sure you plan out your night ahead of time.

Wednesday night is burger night at Table 3, which means burgers are only $5! With all the money you’re saving on burgers, you can also order a cheese plate for your table. This is a French bistro and market, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to fancy cheeses.

Table 3 is perfect for relaxed dinners and lunches, as it’s usually quiet and has super comfortable seating. The wait staff is also known for being attentive, so you should be able to squeeze in a quick bite before catching a movie at Regal Green Hills Stadium.

This neighborhood has an underrated dining scene, which is just one of many reasons we love living here! If you’re interested in moving to the neighborhood, we’d love to give you a quick tour of Vertis Green Hills luxury apartments. Feel free to swing by or schedule a tour online! Until then, enjoy one of the many restaurants Green Hills Nashville, TN has to offer.