Are you more of a classic pepperoni person or do you prefer to be bold with pineapple and bacon? Wait, don’t answer, because our guide to the best pizza in Nashville has restaurants that serve every pizza topping you can imagine.

Whether you’re into greasy slices of NY-style pizza or you like to dive into deep dish, you can find a pizza restaurant that will satisfy your craving. If you’ve been eating nothing but hot chicken and barbecue since you’ve been down in Nashville, try switching things up with one of the pizza joints on the list below!

We love a good pizza happy hour, which is why we try to get to Five Points Pizza between 2pm and 6pm on weekdays. For $5, you can get a gigantic slice of pepperoni pizza and a PBR tallboy. That would be a good deal anywhere, but it’s a great deal when you get it at a place that serves some of the best pizza in Nashville!

This East Nashville pizza joint is small, and you’ll have to wait about 20 minutes for a full-size pizza, but you won’t care about either of those things once you take your first bite. This is NY-style pizza at it’s finest, with thin crispy crusts and thick-cut toppings smothered in cheese. The classic pepperoni is a must, but we’ve also heard good things about the basil-prosciutto pizzas and the garlic knots!

You can only get this pizza in five American cities, but Nashville residents love this place so much that we’re getting a second location! According to the Desano Pizza website, they make their neapolitan pizzas by following strict guidelines laid out by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. They use authentic Italian ingredients and cook their pizzas in wood-burning ovens for 90 seconds — every time.

The tried and true process produces some truly incredible pizzas, and you can watch your pizza be made from scratch right in front of you! Desano Pizza has a decent beer selection, but they also allow patrons to bring their own wine to pair with their pizzas if you want to go that route.

The next spot on our list serves some of the best family-made pizza Nashville has to offer. Joey’s House of Pizza is run by a tight-knit family that’s constantly barking orders, conversing with customers and telling slow moving customers to get out of the way! The pizza itself is thick and piled high with toppings, and you can get two slices with a side and a drink for just 8 bucks.

Located in the Arcade in downtown Nashville, Manny’s House of Pizza recently reopened after extensive renovations that made it far more accommodating for the lunch crowd. It used to be hard to find a seat, but people still flocked here and waited in line for the NY-style pizza. You know a NY-style pizza joint is going to be good when your pizza comes out on a paper plate with loads of seasoning on top, and that’s exactly how they do it at Manny’s.

Anybody can make a good pizza once, but it takes a top-notch pizza restaurant to serve amazing pizza time and time again for 20+ years. That’s what they do at Pizza Perfect, with their thick sicilian pies that are surrounded by perfectly seasoned crusts that you’ll want to gobble up after you finish your slice. This place delivers, but they also have a nice open patio that’s popular during Nashville summers.

As you can see, you don’t have to search long before finding some of the best pizza in Nashville. Next time you find yourself chowing down in the Green Hills neighborhood, we invite you to stop by Vertis Green Hills for a quick tour of our luxury apartment community! You can also schedule a tour online ahead of time and one of our leasing agents will be happy to show you around the property.