Work-From-Home Tips for your Vertis Green Hills Home

Many professionals in the Nashville area take care of business from the comfort of Vertis Green Hills apartments for rent. Here are some great work-from-home tips for making where you live a pleasant and productive professional environment in one the Music City’s most sought-after upscale neighborhoods. 

Many business offices are most likely illuminated by fluorescent lighting. But sunlight is a healthier alternative and much more pleasing visually too. Fortunately, the luxury apartments of Vertis Green Hills boasts abundant windows, so interiors can be bathed in golden sunshine. Be sure to locate your desk or work area so that you can take advantage of the sun light … recent studies show that workers who get more exposure to daylight enjoy a better quality of sleep, experience less stress, and are more active. 

Vertis Green Hills apartments in downtown Nashville are an ideal venue for work-from-home success. But it’s important to establish some boundaries. Designate a workspace within your apartment, even if it’s not behind a door or separated from the rest of your living area. While it might seem carefree or fun to work on your laptop while reclined on your couch or sprawled on your bed, having some mental distance from your personal life will boost your professional productivity 

No matter how attractive your dining room table is, chances are that it was not designed to keep you comfortable during an eight-hour workday. Make sure you have an ergonomic office chair and make sure your computer monitor is positioned at a view height to minimize stress on your neck.

Those who work in a traditional business office know the benefits of scheduled breaks and lunch times to recharge their batteries and focus themselves mentally. Work-from-home professionals living in a Vertis Green Hills home have ample opportunities to unwind during the workday.

They can take advantage of the rooftop swimming pool, fitness center or other amenities right in the luxurious apartments in downtown Nashville. In addition, they can visit one of the restaurants, shops or businesses showcased in the building’s ground floor, or run out to the varied dining and retail opportunities located nearby in this popular neighborhood just minutes from downtown Nashville. 

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